How to edit your campaign landing page?

Here we will explain all the different sections on how to edit and change your landing page look and feel

To edit the campaign landing page navigate to the "Campaign" section from the left-hand navigation panel.

The campaign page is your landing page where the game is shown. That includes all of the information you would ask for before and after the game and also the visuals of the landing page.

Note that the preview is meant to give a quick edit option and understanding of how the landing page would look but in order to get the most accurate view then click on "Preview" on the last menu option on the left.

The Campaign editor is divided into 3 main parts - Background, Content and Extras


Here you can change the background of your campaign. Probably the most important part of your campaign after the game itself. You can animate the start screen and upload backgrounds for PC and mobile.

Background effects

Click on the Effects button, and you can add animations to your background. You can choose things like falling snow, floating bubbles, shapes, or even pictures that float around, like your product or company logo, to make your page look better.

You can also change how fast these effects happen, what icons are used, or how big the bubbles are. You can play around with shapes, pictures, colors, and more to make your page look just the way you want.

Click here to read how to edit campaign background.


This is where you can change every little detail about your campaign except the game itself. Add elements such as text, image, registration form to collect leads and a line to separate content to make your campaign look and feel exactly according to your brand book.

Read more about how to add new elements to your screens.

To change the order of campaign screens, click on the Wizard icon or the little wrench to set them up manually.

Campaign content area


Here you can access and edit all the little extra parts of your campaign. Edit the look of your public leaderboard, add Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy or design how different input errors look on your campaign. You can trust us... we have thought of every little detail for you ;)