How to set Terms & Conditions for the campaign?

Interested in setting up Terms & Conditions for your campaign? Discover how to do it in this article.

Every campaign needs some rules or so-called Terms & Conditions. There are two ways to specify your terms and conditions: Redirecting players to an external link or specifying in Adact's Terms and Conditions section.

Specify Terms & Conditions in the campaign editor

In order to specify Your own terms and conditions navigate to campaign editor "Campaign" - "Extras" and "Terms and Conditions".

You have full control over the left side, where you can customize everything, from the title and font to the header/text background – just like the rest of the elements.


For illustrative purposes, we've pre-filled it with some text.


Title - Title of your Terms & Conditions section

Font - Use custom or system fonts to design the text

Background - Change the colour of your title's background


Editing tools - Like in word, we offer you multiple tools to edit your Terms & Conditions text

Content area - Place where you can write your Terms & Conditions

If you want to redirect participants to another location, just copy the link to the "Content" field.

Content visuals

Background - Change the colour of your Terms & Conditions background