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Campaign screen order

How to create perfect campaign flow? Read more about it in this article.

An essential part of every campaign is the screen logic. Every campaign screen serves a different purpose and getting them in the right order is crucial for the success of the campaign.

There are various options to set the screen order. You may start by collecting leads, head to the tutorial and then let them play the game or mix it up. Here are two ways how to do it.

Setting the screen order manually.

To change the screen order for your campaign, head to the campaign section and choose the “content” tab. Click on the wrench icon and there you can choose the order that best serves the purpose of your campaign.

Here you can change how the screens are shown to the user. After you have chosen the order, click Save and continue editing your campaign.

Screen order

By choosing a different flow you can modify how your campaign plays out.

For example if you would choose "Only gameplay with End screen" option then your campaign would start with the game and after the game the users are shown the end screen. 

If you were to choose  "Extra screen before the game" option, your users would first see the introductory Start Screen, then they would click "Next" to open the next page which may include for example a tutorial on how to play the game. Then they would play the game and finally arrive to the last screen.

Setting the screen order with the help of Addy

Every time you are setting up a new campaign and wish to edit the screen order, a pop-up with Addy will appear. If you wish to let Addy help you set up your campaign flow, click the “Yes, follow the wizard” button.

By choosing to let Addy help you, you will face a series of questions. Answering the presented 5 questions, Addy will construct the best campaign flow for you.