How to add and use short codes and dynamic fields?

By incorporating short codes in your campaign, you can create a more personalized experience for each player.

With short codes, you can add a personal touch to your campaign by customizing the email sent to participants and the campaign's  screen's. 

Prize Codes

Prize short codes allows you to share details about the prize, what the participant has won, and even include descriptions and images. Additionally, you can provide a prize code directly on the screen or send it by email.

Prize short codes are: #prizeName#, #prizeDescription#, #prizeImage# and #prizeCode#.

Before setting up prize codes, you need to define the prizes themselves.

Click here to read how to add a prize.

Game Codes

Use game short codes on your screen to show players their collected points and exact completion time. It keeps players motivated and excited about their progress in your score and time-based game.

Game short codes are #score# and #time#

How to use short codes in your campaign screen's?

Open up your campaign and choose the dynamic screen where you want to show the short codes. You can add the short codes to every screen that has a opportunity to add a text box. 

Click here to read how to add an element - Text. 

Those short codes are visible only when you are editing the campaign. When the campaign is live it will look like this:

To properly test the campaign, you must publish it first. Previewing the campaign in draft mode won't show right results.

How to use short codes in the email's?

Short codes offer an excellent option for personalizing prize emails, allowing you to  customize the content for each recipient.

Open up your campaign, go to "Prize" and click on the tab "Emails".  Create an email template with your text and short codes, and once the campaign players participate, they will receive the personalized email based on their engagement.

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