How to add a prize?

In this article we will explain how to add one or more prizes to your campaign and how to setup the rules on how can your participants win and receive the prizes.

Open the campaign you wish to include prizes to and navigate to "Prizes" on the left side panel.

To add a new prize, click "Add prize" from the right side of the interface

When adding a prize there are 3 sections to fill out

1) Information - Prize name, description, image and amount..

2) Rules - How can players win this prize.

3) Codes - Do you want to use your specific unique codes for the prize.

Lets go through those sections one-by-one

There's a slight difference when adding prizes to a Lottery type game ( Like Wheel of Fortune / Scratch card / Plinko etc.) over any other game ( such as Trivia, Drop game etc)

Click here if you are trying to add a prize to a Lottery type game

1. Prize Description and Amount: 


Includes the Title, Description, Image and how many of these prizes you are able to hand out.

The Title is shown to you in the winners analytics to determine which prize was won by which player.

The shortcode for title is #prizeName#

The Image and Description can also be filled out but these are only ever shown to users when you would use the shortcodes #prizeDescription" or #prizeImage#

Rule of thumb: This information is ever only visible to yourself if you never use any of the shortcodes  #prizeName#, #prizeDescription# and #prizeImage# anywhere in your campaign setup.

Read more about Shortcodes and dynamic fields and how to use them from here.

Amount of prizes

Specify how many of this specific prizes are you willing to give out in total.

Eg. 10 umbrellas, 50x 10€ vouchers, 10 000 discount coupons etc.

Once that many prizes are given out, this prize will never be given out to anyone.

Tip: You can update the prize amount to increase or decrease the amount even if the campaign is live. 

Warning: If all of your prizes run out, the campaign will be Paused automatically. Read more about it from here.

2. Prize Types and settings

In this section you will specify "What are the rules for winning this prize" 

The prize can be either

"Instant win" - This prize winning is determined as soon as the game ends. 

With "Instant win" you can also determine the rules of how many points are required to win the prize by setting the desired score from.

"Raffle" - This prize winning is determined by "choosing a lucky winner" amongst players at any point in time.

By choosing "Raffle prize" you can notice both of the previous options disappear.

That's because "Raffle prize" winning criteria is determined during the raffling itself later on.

More details on their differences can be found here: Instant Win Prize Settings and Raffle Prize Settings

Learn how to set the prize winning probability.

By toggling "Prize can be won unlimited times" then each individual player can receive this prize any number of times. 

By having this NOT toggled on, you can specify how many times can each individual player receive this prize from the setting below.

Warning: If your winners will receive an E-mail when they win a prize then they would receive a new e-mail each time they win the prize. 

We do not recommend using this setting if you have a competitive game type where prize winning type is "Instant Win". This may send out thousands of e-mails and hurt your domain.

3. Prize Codes

Prize code:  A unique code assigned to a winner.

Prize codes can be either

Unique Codes - Each person that wins a prize will have a unique code. In your prizes you can either use:

Adact generated code - Our system will automatically generate a code whenever someone wins a prize. This code can be used to validate whether a person actually received the prize.

Your generated codes - Your unique code ( eg. discount code ) that are given the each winner. Each winner will receive 1 unique code which is not given to any one else.

Common Codes - Each person that wins a prize will have the same code. Use this if your prize code is for example "Winter2023" etc. Each winner will have the same code.

Learn more about prize codes from here.

3 Real-life examples and use cases how to setup prizes

1. "10€ Giftcard is won if you get at least 5 questions correctly on a trivia game"

Prize Title = "10€ Giftcard"

Prize Amount: 1000

Prize Type = Instant Win 

Prize Rules = "Prize is won by finishing the game with at least 5 score".

Prize winning probability = 100%

Prize Codes = Uploaded my custom unique codes.

2. ""If you make it to the end of the game, you will win a 10% discount code"

Prize Title = "10% Discount"

Prize Amount = 1 000 000 000

Prize Type = Instant Win 

Prize Rules = "Prize is won by finishing the game".

Prize winning probability = 100%

Prize Codes = Uploaded my custom unique codes.

3. "At the end of the campaign I want to raffle 10 umbrellas between all the players 

Prize Title = "Umbrella"

Prize Amount = 10

Prize Type = Raffle 

Prize Codes = Each Winner gets a unique code but Adact generates the codes.