Prize Win Probability

Read how to set prize win probability for all the game types!

Prize Win Probability in luck based games

Prize win probability becomes a factor in games which we categorize as luck-based games. The only interaction in the game is to see whether you did or didn’t win something. Our luck-based games are Plinko, Open The Box, Wheel Of Fortune and Scratchcard.

When adding prizes to these campaigns, you have to assign what’s the probability of winning this prize. It can be anywhere from 0.00001% to 100%.

You can also set the default prize, which is won when no other prize is won.

Once the prize probability is assigned then you can assign the prize to the desired outcome in the Game setup. The system will automatically adjust the probability of the prizes in the game.

Example case:

1. Create a wheel of fortune
2. Add a prize iPhone to the campaign with a probability of 0.001%
3. Connect wheel Sector 1 prize = iPhone

Then every time the wheel is spun there is a 0.001% chance the wheel will stop on Sector 1.

How to choose the correct probabilities?

It’s easier to think about the probabilities in fractions: 0.001% chance to win means 1 in every 1000 spins will land there. If you expect around 10 000 spins then modify it to 0.0001% so 1 in every 10 000 spins will win an iPhone.

How to guarantee the win of the grand prize during the campaign?

You can do so by increasing the probability of the prize during the campaign and if on the last day no prize is given out then eventually have it as 100% so someone will win the prize. But be aware that this has to be communicated through terms and conditions.

How to modify the prize-winning probabilities during the campaign?

You can modify the prize-winning probabilities during the campaign the same way you set them up. After saving all the changes make sure to click “Update live campaign” to apply the changes to the live version.

Although you can do that, be aware that you should communicate this in your campaign terms and conditions under fair play. When you are increasing the probabilities towards the end of the campaign then the players who arrive later would have a higher chance of winning the prize which creates an unfair campaign environment.

How to set the daily limit to a prize?

Daily prize limits assign the total number of given prizes that can be given out during a day. It only applies to lottery (RNG) type campaigns.

You can also manually decide when will the limits be reset.

Example case:

You want to have a campaign running for 10 days and give out 100 prizes of something during this period.
To make sure that they are distributed equally throughout the campaign then set the Daily prize limit to 10. This means that each day only 10 of the prizes can be assigned.

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Prize Win Probability in other game types

Prize winning probability tells you the percentage chance of actually winning the prize.

Winning probability in "score to win"

Decide the score needed and how likely it is to win. If you want someone to get a prize when they reach a certain score, just make sure the chance of winning is set to 100%.

For the second prize, the "Towel," the "score to win" is set at 500 points. This means if your score reaches 500 points, you have a 30% chance of winning the towel and a 70% chance of winning nothing.