Sending E-mails to Prize winners

Each time someone is registered a prize, you can send them an e-mail through Adact. You can even send different e-mails for different prizes.

Enhance your campaign's engagement by sending personalized emails to participants based on their performance. Alternatively, you might prefer to send emails to all campaign participants. To achieve this, we'll first need to establish the rules for when these emails should be sent out.

Is it possible to send out emails without giving out a prize?

Absolutely! Just go to the prizes module, click on "Add Prize" and you can set up the email trigger without needing to award an actual prize.

For example: Enter "Email" as the title, set a large number as the trigger, and select the "Prize is won by finishing the game" option.

How to edit the Emails that will be sent out?

To learn more about sending Emails through Adact, click here.