Adding a new element - Registration form

How to add and edit the registration form?

The registration form allows you to collect leads from your campaign. You can set it up on the start, extra, results or end screen to increase the number of collected leads.

Pay attention to editing the registration form. When editing, you need to design form style, fields and button style under different tabs.

By clicking on Mobile view, you can design your campaign for mobile users in addition to PC users. You can design a registration form with different options:

Form Style

Input fields and labels

You can design your own registration form by editing text style, background and form itself.


You have the option to use labels or not. To show the labels, simply toggle them on. When enabled, you can customize the color, size, and alignment of the labels.

Design your text using default fonts or import your custom font.

Additionally, you can choose the size, color, and alignment of your placeholder, positioning it either on the left side or in the middle.



Make your leaderboard stand out by adding background colors to the fields. Adjust the field's opacity by dragging the bar left or right.


You can customize your form by adding borders, adjusting the radius, and changing padding, width, height, and more.



You have the opportunity to design the default campaign button visually appealing way that aligns with your brand. 

Customize your button by selecting the font style, size, and color for the text, setting the background color, adding a border, adjusting the radius for the shape, and modifying the button's width and vertical padding to fit your design preferences perfectly.


Additionally, you can save all your registration form visuals by clicking "Save as a default." This will replace your brand's default visual settings.

Click here to read how to edit your brand settings.

Or choose to "Pre-fill the form" - it means you can send existing player data from your system to the campaign in a URL, and the registration form will be already pre-filled when the player opens a page.



Here you can set up your campaign’s registration form to collect leads. You can choose from 8 different options:

To get all the information you need, you can edit every input field separately. Translate them into your own language or change the order of the fields. You can individually toggle the "Required" setting for each field type, deciding whether it's mandatory or optional. Additionally, a trash can icon is available for each field type, allowing you to delete unwanted fields easily.
Let's go through the field types one by one.

E-mail Field
Using an "email" field in the registration form enables direct communication, personalization, verification, user engagement, marketing opportunities, and lead generation.
You have the option to toggle the "Required" setting for the email field, making it mandatory or optional. Additionally, you can personalize the label for the field, using terms like "Your email" or "Company email" instead of just "Email."
Clicking on "List of allowed emails" will open another screen.
You can upload a file with all the emails that will be accepted to participate in this campaign, or you can copy the emails directly to the "Plain text" field. 
"Domains for emails" - This refers to the domain names of the email addresses that are allowed to participate in the campaign.

"Replace all emails" - If you want to update the existing list of emails with a new set of email addresses.

"Add new emails to the list" - If you want to include additional email addresses to the current list.
To review the allowed emails, check the "Added emails" field.
Full Name
Asking for the full name in the registration form helps with personalization, data accuracy, identification, analytics, professionalism, and database management.
You can choose whether to ask for the player's full name in a single field or in two separate fields by toggling the option on or off. If preferred, you can also customize the label names.
Phone Number
Adding a phone number field allows direct communication, verification, timely updates, engagement and lead generation. Prioritize data privacy and obtain consent when collecting phone numbers.
You can edit the label as needed and select the country, which will provide the correct area code before entering the mobile number.

Country Name
Adding the country name field allows localization, regional targeting and better database organization.
Leaderboard name
Adding the leaderboard name means you'll show it to all players. Participants can use creative names, making them feel more involved in the campaign.

Click here to read more about how to add a leaderboard to the campaign.

Terms & Conditions
Adding "Terms & Conditions" provides legal protection, informed consent, regulatory compliance, transparency, and risk management for your campaign. It establishes clear rules and expectations for participants and fosters trust and professionalism.
Customize the message by editing "Text before the link" and "Link text" as you prefer. To include an external link, simply toggle it on and add the link to the "Link" box.

Click here to read how to edit Terms & Conditions.

Privacy policy
Adding a "Privacy Policy" to your registration form ensures transparency, legal compliance, informed consent, data protection, trust, and credibility. It helps participants understand data usage and their rights, promoting a secure and trustworthy environment.
Customize the message by editing "Text before the link" and "Link text" as you prefer. To include an external link, simply toggle it on and add the link to the "Link" box.

Click here to read how to edit "Privacy policy".

Adding a "Code" field restricts access, improves security, allows personalized offers,  and provides valuable data insights for your campaign.
To set the allowed codes, click on the "List of allowed codes" button.
You can choose whether the codes are "Unlimited" or set a specific usage limit.

"Replace all codes" - If you want to update the existing list of codes with a new set of codes.

"Add new codes to the list" - If you want to add additional codes to the existing list.


You have two options to input the codes:

1. You can upload a file with all the accepted codes for the campaign.
2. Alternatively, you can copy the codes directly into the "Plain text" field.

You can monitor the used codes and their remaining availability in the "Added codes" field.

The functionality of the checkbox, dropdown list, text or text area

In addition to a variety of already available input fields, you can add your own custom Checkbox, Dropdown list or text area to the registration form. This information will be later displayed in the analytics file. You can edit them just like the field types.



  • Choose visuals by adding your own branded picture or logo and  choose it's layout and position.
  • Choose different color to stand out! You can use your brand's color and adjust the opacity to make it perfectly suited to your needs.


  • Border - You can display and design a border with different colors and sizes.


  • Incorporating paddings into your design makes it look better and work better. Choose top, bottom, left and right paddings to make your content easier to see!