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Campaign screens

Every game has at least 2 screens: the game and the end screen. However... There are actually 5 different screens that serve different purposes in your campaign.

An essential part of every campaign is the screen logic. Every campaign screen serves a different purpose and getting them right is crucial for the success of the campaign.

Start screen

This is the first screen that the players will see. You can add several elements to the campaign starting from images and texts all the way to little design elements such as buttons or lines. Usually, it is advised to include the registration form in your start screen. This will guarantee that you get your players' contact information.

Click here to read how to add different elements.

Extra screen

This screen is used for any extra information that you might want to share with your player. Game tutorial, explanation of prizes or anything else. You can add the same elements to this screen as to every other screen except the game screen.

Game screen

This is where your actual game is shared with the customer. You can edit the game itself from the game section.

Result screen

If you have instant win prizes, you can think of this screen as a so-called "prize announcement screen". You can again add here every other element as on previous screens. Keep in mind, that its functionality is mostly focused on showing the score and what the player has won.

If you have several different prizes in your prize pool, you should set up different prize screens for each prize. 

Click here to read how to set up different prizes.

End screen

This is the final screen which will mark the end of the interaction. You can thank the player for participating in the campaign and redirect them to your webpage or make them play again. 

Expired screen

The purpose of the expired screen is to inform the player that the campaign has ended. This screen is shown to the player only after the campaign has ended and they decide to visit the campaign landing page again.

You can set up the expired screen from the campaign - extras - expired screen.

Setting up the screen order

Setting up the perfect screen order can be quite tricky. Luckily the Wizard of Adact can help you set everything up. Read the Campaign screen order article to learn more about it.